Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The First Ever Flash Duplicator Built for Yield Analysis

Production line report is crucial to yield analysis; studied thoroughly, it very often offers potential to improve production efficiency. With U-Reach’s Intelligent 9 Flash Duplicator Gold Advanced Series, not only can you record and manage duplication jobs, you also gain meticulous details on all the tasks — formatting, testing, copying, and validating — performed during a mass production run.

The Intelligent 9 Flash Duplicator Gold Advanced Series, Log Report contains the following three major areas—

Log Report from Intelligent USB Duplicator
To prevent unauthorized access and accidental deletion, password protection 
can be enabled to safeguard the log. And if you don’t need the whole history logged, 
there is a filter to let you retrieve the report for—
  • Today
  • Most recent days
  • Specific period

After the report is downloaded to your flash memory card/USB flash drive to be 
accessed on your PC/notebook, it can be conveniently reviewed or printed.

Besides being instrumental in improved production efficiency for managers, the 

Log Report assists engineers and purchasers in gauging the quality of the flash 
media, and it also makes a perfect presentation for sales to deliver to their 
prospects or customers. Overall, Intelligent 9’s Log Report is essential to your 


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