Thursday, September 27, 2012

How do you make an instant replacement for a defective socket?

The sockets are the consumables of a duplicator just like the tires of a vehicle.  After repeatedly inserting and removing flash media you will gradually wear out the socket in a duplicator and a replacement will eventually be required.

Since ease of maintenance isn't necessarily a design priority for most duplicators in the market, it can be very labor intensive and time consuming to replace a deteriorated socket - from opening the case, disconnecting cables, to removing boards, then reverse the whole process to complete the task.

U-Reach uniquely designed its duplicators to facilitate effortless maintenance.  In its Intelligent 9 Duplicator users can easily exchange the sockets in THREE steps which can take less than ONE minute.

With this innovation, anyone can replace a socket thus making maintenance costs associated with the Intelligent 9 Duplicator greatly reduced.

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