Thursday, September 27, 2012

How do you make an instant replacement for a defective socket?

The sockets are the consumables of a duplicator just like the tires of a vehicle.  After repeatedly inserting and removing flash media you will gradually wear out the socket in a duplicator and a replacement will eventually be required.

Since ease of maintenance isn't necessarily a design priority for most duplicators in the market, it can be very labor intensive and time consuming to replace a deteriorated socket - from opening the case, disconnecting cables, to removing boards, then reverse the whole process to complete the task.

U-Reach uniquely designed its duplicators to facilitate effortless maintenance.  In its Intelligent 9 Duplicator users can easily exchange the sockets in THREE steps which can take less than ONE minute.

With this innovation, anyone can replace a socket thus making maintenance costs associated with the Intelligent 9 Duplicator greatly reduced.

Monday, September 17, 2012

How to check the speed of your USB drive and flash memory card?

The "Reading" and "Writing" speeds of an SD card or 
USB drive are two crucial criteria to determine quality and price of the media. So how do you check the speed of your USB drive and Flash card? Unlike the one-piece-at-a-time checking by the common testing software on the PC such as H2 or FDbench, U-Reach’s Intelligent 9 Flash duplicator performs on all the media simultaneously, through instant speed-checking and the H5 media-checking.

Instant response

Press "Measure Speed" under "Utility" in the sub menu to get results immediately. Within 5-8 seconds of plugging in the USB or SD cards, you can get the reading and writing speeds.

Comprehensive inspection

Take three effortless steps of H5 media check to determine quality of your media, 

all at the same time—

  1. Set up testing range
  2. Set up minimum read/write speed
  3. Show results

For testing media quality in high volume , H5 Media Check offers—
Greatest efficiency : checks all media at the same time.
Flexibility to set testing range from 1% to 100 %.
Automatically screens out the USBs or Flash cards that fail to clear reading and writing speed thresholds.