Thursday, January 24, 2013

Legend 600, the Cost-effective HDD/SSD Cloner/Erasor

After witnessing U-Reach's new HDD Terminator HDT1, some people asked about a "less violent" solution; particularly for those who plan to reuse the hard drives after they get sanitized. Luckily, along the line of duplication equipment, Legend 600 serves not only as cloner, but also as eraser for hard disk and solid state drives. 

Available in 3-target model currently, this standalone Legend 600 copies and erases up to three drives at a time. When thirty units are linked together through a daisy chain, a total of 119 drives can be simultaneously dealt with, while performance remains the same whether it is one target or a full load.

At 3.9 GB/min, it takes about 4 hours to clone or erase a 1 TB drive completely. If DoD (Department of Defense) erase is in order, it will be three times as long as there will be three cycles of overwriting.  When used as a cloner, Legend 600 can intelligently copy only the data portion of a master drive provided it has been formatted under FAT, NTFS or Linux ext; otherwise, it can be file system agnostic to duplicate the whole drive bit-for-bit. 

As far as interface goes, Legend 600 offers standard SATA connectors onboard to hook up HDDs/SSDs directly.  For drives with interfaces such as IDE, mSATA, micro SATA, eSATA and iVDR, corresponding SATA adapters can be used to facilitate connections.  Even SD and CF cards can be supported in this fashion. 

Retailed at $799, Legend 600 is a cost-effective choice when it comes down to HDD/SSD cloning and data sanitization.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Need To Physically Destroy a Hard Drive? Try HDD Terminator!

CES 2013 is well over now, yet the impacts it has made on certain industries are just about to get noticed.  As one of the 3,000 exhibitors, U-Reach is proud to be a contributor to an event of this overwhelming scale, not to mention the new hard drive destroyer which has been selected as one of the interesting finds by CNET during the show.

Made in Germany, this HDD Terminator HDT1 has attracted incredible attention since its debut in CES.  The idea is so simple that people understand its purpose the minute they set eyes on it—destroy a hard drive by punching through it a few holes so the drive won't be able to spin anymore and thus data become unrecoverable.  If you are not familiar with businesses in certain segments that are meticulous about data security, it will be hard to believe how much efforts have been spent on making sure no data can be retrieved once a hard drive is no longer in service.  We have certainly heard lots of stories about how people disposed of their hard drives, and none beats this one from a lady in a CPA office, “we would carry a truckload of hard drives to the desert, and blew them off with our shotguns.”

With 8,000 pounds of force exerted during a destruction cycle, it takes HDT1 approximately 5 seconds to destroy any hard drive up to 1.1 inches in thickness.  There is no software or electrical circuit involved, all it takes is solid metal and mechanics—well designed to deliver lethal punches while reducing maintenance efforts to the minimal. 

HDT1 is scheduled to ship in US in a month or two with a retail price set around $1,600.