Thursday, August 28, 2014

Press Release -Digitimes - the Largest HDD/SSD Duplicator

U-Reach delivers the largest and highest 
scalability standalone HDD/SSD Duplicator
Press release [Tuesday 19 August 2014]
The world's leading brand, leadership, and innovation in data equipment – U-Reach,
has officially launched the MT-H high speed seriesof SATA HDD/SSD duplicator
which is designed for manufacturers  who needs high volume production-grade
HDD/SSD duplication systems.With its new generation high transfer speed -
18GB /min and largest targets support (25 ports), if calculated by 1TB HDD with
35GB contents, it will take 8 hours to copy 6000 pcs of hard disk per day. Comparing
to the traditional duplicator, it can only reach 1344 pcs of hard disk per day.The MT-H
series is 4.5 times more production efficiency.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Press Release-Intelligent 9 High-speed USB Duplicator

Intelligent 9 High-speed USB Duplicator -3 Unbeatable Advantages

Intelligent 9 Silver Pro Series High-speed USB duplicator , continue to use all of the highly acclaimed features of Silver series, such as easy to operate, easy to maintain,