Tuesday, April 9, 2013

iSecuLog to ensure its authenticity Log Report

If you are an engineer or reseller of flash memory/HDD, you probably receive Log Report from production management or IQC on a daily basis. Have you ever wondered if the report is genuine? Maybe the .txt log file has already been tampered by someone.

Our engineers had thought about these potential threats, so we developed “iSecuLog” to ensure its authenticity Log Report.

How does it work?
U-Reach developed LV07Z, Anti-Tampering technology based on a proprietary software tool to ensure Log Report is written with an “invisible code” when exported from U-Reach Duplicator. Thus, if any changes on Log Report will be detected by LV07Z.

(LV07Z interface shown: Step1, Select log report file. Step 2, evaluating the file. Step 3, complete)

U-Reach Duplicator + LV07Z = worry-free protection when Log Report is secured by iSecuLog