Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Over 400 Facebook Likes

We Like This

TeraMotions has reached over 400 Facebook Likes.  When TeraMotions started our company Facebook page in January we had just over 20 Likes.  We never imagined that our fan base would grow so rapidly.  We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and as always, TeraMotions promises to always bring our clients the best products along with the best customer service.  You can visit our Facebook page HERE.


Monday, March 26, 2012

World Backup Day March 31st

Don't be an April Fool on March 31st

March 31st is World Backup Day.  The idea was developed by a group of users from the social news networking site, Reddit, and it is no accident that World Backup Day is the day before April Fool’s Day as the slogan informs people, “Don’t be an April Fool, backup your files. Check your restores.”  What if your hard disc drive (HDD) did crash on April 1st, would you be prepared?

According to www.worldbackupday.com, a three-year-old HDD has a 6% chance of failing.  If the hard drive breaks, or is infected with a virus, it will be very expensive, if not impossible, to recover the data on the HDD.  However, if your data is backed up, you can simply purchase a new hard drive and restore your files.

World Backup Day is an initiative to bring awareness of how important it is to backup data to those who have never backed up their data and to those who do not backup frequently enough.  Data backup should be done frequently, not just once a year. 

If you plan to back up to another HDD, a one-target HDD duplicator, such as U-Reach IQ112 can be an affordable choice.  For more professional archiving to multiple drives, a tower or IT seried duplicator up to 15 targets should do the trick.


For more information on how to duplicate hard drives you can watch the video below.

How to Duplicate Your HDD with the IT1500

Friday, March 23, 2012

Product Review: CF916-g

U-Reach's Intelligent CF Duplicator Gold Edition
Following the introduction of Intelligent CF duplicator in Jan 2012, U-Reach has recently released a Gold Edition, nicknamed Golden Fox, to better serve the more demanding professionals.

Burn-in testing is one of the two major enhancements.  For factories or businesses that are meticulous in the quality of their CF cards, this utility helps them pick out the bad apples by continuously writing and verifying data for a desired number of cycles or specified duration (30 min to 30 days).  With models available from 8 to 120 ports, the Golden Fox performs burn-in on all ports simultaneously.

The other addition is the logging capability.  For users who need detailed job reports for auditing or trouble-shooting purposes, Golden Fox can store up to 30,000 records and dump them all in a CF.  A typical record starts with a sequence number and timestamp, followed by port ID, status and task performed, then concludes with card-specific information such as brand, model and serial number.  There’s an optional password protection on all logged records.

Retailed at $2,099 for the 16-port model, Golden Fox costs about 30% more than its Silver predecessor.


How to Duplicate Your CF Cards

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Get Technical: 3T HDD Backup

Can't Backup Your 3T HDD?

If you were among the early adopters of 3TB HDDs, you probably had struggled a bit booting from your new drive unless you had all the right combinations of OS and BIOS to start with.

Copying a 3TB HDD with a HDD duplicator could be just as tricky.  Similar to the support from your OS, BIOS and HDD driver, a firmware upgrade on a duplicator such as U-Reach’s 1-1 Pro118 will be required to handle the 3TB challenge.

If you’re not yet familiar with the 3TB issue, think about the license plates on all vehicles—if each is allowed only to have exactly 5 digits (0-9 without alphabets) once registered, the maximum number of cars that can be uniquely identified by such license plates will be 105=100,000.  Similarly, under the limited 32-bit structure adopted in legacy systems to address disk space, there could only be as large as 2.2TB (we’ll spare you the calculation) recognized; therefore, to extend beyond this limit, the addressing scheme has to be improved and agreed upon by all relevant components, which is certainly not a trivial task and unfortunately, not all systems are created equal moving forward.   


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Samsung's Indestructible SD and microSD Cards

New SD and microSD Cards from Samsung

In February, Samsung released new, ultra-durable, brushed metal, SD and micro SD cards.  These cards not only look sleek, but are also waterproof up to 24 hours in water, shockproof withstanding up to 1.6 tons of force, and magnet proof resisting up to 10,000 gauss.  Samsung’s new cards are also fast, available in a High Speed Series or the Plus Extreme Speed Series, both of which deliver up to 24MB/sec read speed.  Yet, not nearly as fast as the XQD cards we wrote about last month . The price for Samsung’s new indestructible cards ranges from $10 for a 2GB card to $90 for a 32GB card.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Sony PlayStation Vita Comes with Expensive Memory Card

Sony PlayStation Vita

Sony’s PlayStation Vita, the new handheld gaming device, hit the shelves in February.  The PlayStation Vita sets a new standard for handheld gaming with its sleek design and superior video quality, sporting a 5” OLED touch high-def screen display.  The Wi-Fi only version costs $249.99 while the 3G version will set you back $299.99.

However, the initial price is not the only cost to owning a Vita. The Vita comes with no accessories and requires a unique and pricey Vita memory card costing $29.99 (8GB) up to $99.99 (32GB), to store games.  There is also a 4GB card available for $19.34, but that will not be enough space to store more than one game.  Sony states that the reason for requiring the special Vita memory card, instead of an affordable SD card, is to fight piracy.  Still, many consumers suspect that the expensive Vita card is just another way for Sony to gouge customers.


Monday, March 19, 2012

U-Reach Goes to CeBit

CeBit 2012

TeraMotions' manufacturer, U-Reach, attended CeBit, the world's largest IT trade show,  in Hannover, Germany this month.  The official theme this year was "Managing Trust" and security in the digital age.  Also on everyone's minds was how to manage big data.  Companies nowadays have a plethora of data that needs to be archived so what is the best way to archive all of that data?


Monday, March 12, 2012

We're Hiring Sales Positions

TeraMotions is Now Hiring Sales Positions

We have immediate openings for Sales. We'll be thrilled to hear from you if you look forward to the excitement and dynamics in a small business like ours, and at least half of the following list applies to you:

- a quick learner and flexible team player
- passionate about technology in general
- experienced in demonstrating products in front of total strangers
- enjoy articulating technical details via phone/email to prospects
- eager to listen and understand what customers are trying to tell you
- know the capacity of a DVD disc
- have used flash USB drives and know what a USB duplicator does
- can tell SATA from IDE interface on a hard disk drive
- can identify at least two types of memory cards used in digital cameras or other electronic gadgets
- willing to travel at short notice 

Please contact hr@teramotions.com