Monday, February 27, 2012

U-Reach's 1:1 HDD Duplicator IQ112

Need to Duplicate Your Hard Drive?

Following in the footsteps of the award-winning PRO118 (covered in our Dec 2011 newsletter and in our January blog post), the IQ112 is another winner in U-Reach’s portable HDD duplicator family.   Here’s an excerpt from a five-star review by a satisfied Amazon customer—“Great product, super fast copying, skips bad sectors, great for data recovery, love it. Highly recommended... Copying an unrecoverable drive now, it is digging through the bad sectors, very simple operation.”  Though we’ve never doubted the quality of this duplicator, an acknowledgment from a user who has actually benefited from using it is the most gratifying experience!

Retailed at $129, the IQ122 copies from your source to target HDD with a press of either the "Quick-Copy" or the "Whole" button — the former skips non-occupied storage when the source hard drive is formatted as FAT/NTFS or Ext2/Ext3 file system, while the latter copies the whole drive.  Furthermore, data can be transferred up to 90 MB/sec (a bit more than 3 hours to copy a whole 1TB depending on your HDD speed) via SATA cables shipped with the duplicator.  For IDE drives, you will need an IDE-SATA adapter to use this duplicator.

Overall, the IQ122 is a reliable handy tool for home and office whenever a HDD duplication job needs to be taken care of.


If you would like to see how to transfer data from one hard drive to another watch the YouTube video below.


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