Thursday, December 10, 2020

Intelligent USB Silver Pro High-Speed Series End of Life Notice


Product End of Life Notice
December 10, 2020 
Dear Valued Customer:

The purpose of this letter is to serve as written notice of U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc to discontinue the Intelligent USB Silver Pro high-speed series duplicators.
U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc will officially discontinue the following models: 
1 to 9 High-Speed USB Duplicator and Sanitizer
1 to 19 High-Speed USB Duplicator and Sanitizer
1 to 29 High-Speed USB Duplicator and Sanitizer
1 to 39 High-Speed USB Duplicator and Sanitizer
1 to 59 High-Speed USB Duplicator and Sanitizer
1 to 119 High-Speed USB Duplicator and Sanitizer
Final Order Date:

December 31, 2020 - We will continue accepting orders through December 31, 2020.
Final Shipment Date:

January 8, 2021 – When we are out of stock, we will no longer accept orders for the models listed above.
Replacement product:

U-Reach Data Solutions has researched and developed the Intelligent U3 series duplicator. This duplicator supports much faster copy speeds up to 14 GB/min while still maintaining our standalone, FPGA-based design.
Closing Remarks:

We look forward to new opportunities to support your data-duplication requirements. Please contact us should you have any questions.
U-Reach Data Solutions, Inc Management Team
Please click here for the EOL document 

Press "FAST"


USB 3.0 storage devices have become mainstream in the market; are you still using 2.0 duplicators? U-Reach gives you three reasons that you must start using the latest Intelligent U3 duplicator. 

The best solution for the high-speed storage market

In the era of the data explosion, the capacity of USB devices and the amount of data that needs to be copied are multiplying. "Fastening" is the key to catch this trend. U-Reach Intelligent U3 Duplicator is equipped with the third generation USB3.2 dedicated signal processor. The speed is 4 times faster than USB 2.0 duplicator. The measured transmission speed can reach up to 250MB/s. It is the fastest USB Duplicator on the market today.

USB 3.0 signal detection is going to be in demand on the market

Even though there is blue interface or bolsters fast read & write speeds, it may not be real USB3.0. USB3.0 signal detection will be the next highlight in the market of flash testing. U-Reach Intelligent U3 can detect if the USB3.0 signal is abnormal within 3 seconds. It’s the best inspection equipment for USB production lines and buyers.

Incredible stability surpasses the past

Since the first sale of USB duplicators in 2007, U-Reach has accumulated a lot of compatibility experience. We continue to work closely with major Flash manufacturers to solve problems resulting in praise from many clients. While upgrading the existing products, our R&D team also develop new products within the Intelligent U3 series that have higher stability and safety. It will bring you a brand new experience.