Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Stop Solution For Media Duplication And Product Serialization

It is about this time last year that U-Reach unveiled its brand new Intelligent 9 flash duplicators in Silver and Gold editions, and this year an even more advanced model is coming along—the License Key (LK) Duplicator.

Available in USB and SD lines, this is a new breed of duplicator that will change the landscape for the industries in need of media duplication and serialization at the same time.  If you are in the business of distributing media containing intellectual property, say a USB drive loaded with a live concert video, you have probably tried inserting a license key to fend off unauthorized duplication; and most likely, such a procedure has to be performed after a mass duplication has been completed and all drives removed from a duplicator, followed by a tedious process to set up the drives one by one for a unique license tagging.  Labors aside, imagine the time required to go through the whole process!

And how does the LK duplicator do better?  First of all, it is equipped with the same engine that powers its Intelligent 9 siblings which deliver high speed copying at 1.5GB per minute across all target media; better yet, through a USB cable linked to a PC, this new duplicator lets its operator select files (or license keys) on the PC to be automatically appended to all targets once duplication is finished.  Through user-friendly software tool, different license keys can be saved under the same file name to make each target unique while preserving the same file structure/naming—such product serialization coupled with data duplication offers the greatest efficiency never achieved before.  Speaking of guarding copyrighted materials, another potential application benefiting from this solution is at a conference—attendees’ digital signatures can be saved on USB drives ready for distribution so that only the rightful owner of the drive is allowed access.

Interested in watching this new product in action?  Please stay tuned for upcoming videos, or visit U-Reach during CES 2013 (Jan 8th - 11th) at booth 31950, South Hall 3, Las Vegas Convention Center.