Monday, April 28, 2014

Time to purchase spare parts for
your Intelligent 9 Flash duplicator

Intelligent 9 USB/SD/CF duplicators are well-designed and constructed for easy maintenance.Eventually, all sockets will gradually wear out from normal wear and tear on the duplicator.
We have a huge inventory of USB/SD/CF spare parts and available when you need it
most. Planning ahead for the long-term to keep enough on hand for your Intelligent 9 is
critical when you know time is money. U-Reach continues to raise the bar for simplicity, the
“Quick Swap”modulewhich helps to reduce cost and production downtime.The traditional
method of replacing a socket is time-consuming – from opening the covers of the case,
disconnect cables to remove the socket and put everything back together. A simple and
yet effective technique, the “Quick Swap” process of replacing the sockets in THREE easy
steps (in less than ONE minute)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mexico Electronic Conference 2014

Mexico Electronic Conference

Over the year we see more demands and growth opportunities in the duplication business.
U-Reach’s business trip to Mexico was a success. The event was a very well-organized
platform to encourage international business. We were amazed that many participants
showed a broad range of modern technologies solutions from Taiwan and we are proud to
be part of it. Establishing and maintaining good relationships with your existing customers is
your key to success. Our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ situation by working closely
together on project development ensures achieving their strategic goals.

There is high-demand for duplication test equipment, Mexico is a manufacturing 
powerhouse: 80% of its exports are in manufacturing. Marketing data equipment technology 
that can save time and boosts productivity so that it resources can focus on core business.
Thank you and we look forward to next year!