Monday, April 28, 2014

Time to purchase spare parts for
your Intelligent 9 Flash duplicator

Intelligent 9 USB/SD/CF duplicators are well-designed and constructed for easy maintenance.Eventually, all sockets will gradually wear out from normal wear and tear on the duplicator.
We have a huge inventory of USB/SD/CF spare parts and available when you need it
most. Planning ahead for the long-term to keep enough on hand for your Intelligent 9 is
critical when you know time is money. U-Reach continues to raise the bar for simplicity, the
“Quick Swap”modulewhich helps to reduce cost and production downtime.The traditional
method of replacing a socket is time-consuming – from opening the covers of the case,
disconnect cables to remove the socket and put everything back together. A simple and
yet effective technique, the “Quick Swap” process of replacing the sockets in THREE easy
steps (in less than ONE minute)

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