Thursday, February 2, 2012

Technical Support: uDisc

The uDisc Didn't Work?
Speaking of uDisc, we once got a call from a retail store that claimed uDisc could not successfully copy videos to DVD discs.  After watching a demo in the field, we quickly identified the culprit and thus kept uDisc’s reputation intact.  What the store showed us was a jittered video playback off the DVD drive from a laptop running Windows 7.  It was all too easy to reach the conclusion that it was a flawed backup of the video by uDisc.  We took a look at the video file in File Explorer, copied it from the DVD disc to the hard drive, then played again—thank goodness, it was as smooth as it had been watched on the camera from the SD card!   Afterwards, we spent some time explaining the optical drive on that laptop was not fast enough to deliver HD videos for playback, and it would help to upgrade the laptop for demonstration purposes.


uDisc Part 2: Copy Photos from your Camera straight to a Disc

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