Monday, August 4, 2014

Press Release-Intelligent 9 High-speed USB Duplicator

Intelligent 9 High-speed USB Duplicator -3 Unbeatable Advantages

Intelligent 9 Silver Pro Series High-speed USB duplicator , continue to use all of the highly acclaimed features of Silver series, such as easy to operate, easy to maintain,
and various powerful quality inspection functions. Also equipped the first ever high-speed transmission that designed for USB3.0 and USB hard drives has measured 2.5GB per port transfer speed by real time test. Offering the full range of copy targets from 9 to 119 ports, reaches high efficient copy without any speed degradation.

1.Top performance, the best choice of high-speed copying.
Independent 2.5GB transfer channels, Support high-capacity multi-port simultaneously copy, and never drag speed.

2.Effortless, unique socket design
Quick and easy replaceable interface module, easy to maintain

3. 4 Powerful Diagnostic Tools
1 .Quality Inspection-Simultaneously detects the large
    quantities of USB and shows the number of bad
    blocks and write speeds
2. Speed Filtration-picks up Flash devices that meet
    required standard.
3. Capacity Filtration-picks up Flash devices that have
    exceeded the tolerance range.
4. Fake card picker- determine whether USB consistent with  the marked specifications.

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