Thursday, October 18, 2012

U-Reach to Broaden Intelligent 9 CF Duplicator Offerings

Building on the success delivered by the 40-port Compact Flash (CF) duplicator introduced at the beginning of 2012, U-Reach has since broaden its offerings along the Intelligent 9 CF line, starting at 3-target CF904S and extending to 120-port CF9120S.

Consumers learned about CF cards since the early days of PDAs, and even more became familiar with the media as digital cameras started to surface more than a decade ago. Nowadays, CF cards are ousted (except for a handful of SLRs) by smaller and less expensive Secure Digital (SD) cards in digital cameras; however, there are electronic gadgets across numerous industries that still use CF cards exclusively-medical devices, gaming machines in arcades or casinos, digital signage media players, electronic kiosks, ATMs at the bank, retail POS systems, etc., and the list will go on and on. It is for these industries, U-Reach continues to develop and improve its Intelligent 9 CF Duplicator Series. And the efforts include solutions for prospects using high-end digital SLR cameras to shoot and store in CF cards.

For instance, a question raised at a hectic newsroom might sound like this: "how can we accomplish the task of timely distributing the 32GB CF media just shot by the photographer from the field?' And here is an answer-"I used to have to copy the card using my PC, and it could take a whole day!" Commented an IT professional from a nation-wide broadcasting firm, "but with a standalone duplicator, I easily make copies in less than twenty minutes, while working on other tasks on my PC." Speak of streamlining, how about deploying hundreds of embedded systems running an OS (Linux or Windows Embedded) and proprietary software applications? Using CF cards as media source for installation is a viable practice, and CF duplicator is once again a much better solution than others. The capacity for such CF media is often insignificant as the embedded software usually comes in small footprint; however, a duplicator accommodating larger number of targets is preferred as more CF duplicates can be produced during each run. For mission-critical devices utilizing CF cards for data storage, the quality of CF cards is also crucial for the stability of the whole system, which is why U-Reach's Intelligent 9 CF Duplicators not only copy media, but also test for read/write speeds and bad sectors in the cards so you can start the cloning process only if your CF cards pass certain thresholds.

Besides sophisticate testing utilities and scalable lightning performance to copy at close to 4GB per second, U-Reach's Intelligent 9 CF Duplicator Series is also user-friendly, thanks to its ergonomic lightweight design and media guide rails to facilitate insertion and removal of cards. The replaceable socket interface effectively lowers maintenance difficulty and cost for changing consumable parts. Starting at $699 retail for the 3-target model, the Intelligent 9 CF Duplicators are here to stay, just like the media cards they duplicate.

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