Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why do you need double source comparison?

"Why do I  need double source comparison? " a client asked 

 It  guarantees 100% copy correctness!s

U-Reach Intelligent 9 golden series of USB/SD & MicroSD/CF flash duplicator is equipped with a unique function called DSC (Double-Source Comparison). 
This designed is exclusively for a GPS navigation manufacturer in Japan which
must use this precise DSC function to meet their requirements. 

They need to copy critical content –GPS navigation map, into both SD and MicroSD card with hundred to thousand pieces per day. This is the most important issue in their duplication task. Is how to guarantee data copy with precision? 

The feature adds an extra layer of protection to prevent source data corruption from long-term operations and susceptible to copy errors that will affect all copied targets.

 The principle of the double source comparison.

  Run Copy+Compare

(1)   Copying data –read the data from the Port1 as the copy source

(2)   Comparing data- compare the data with Port2 as the compare source

(3)   The executing time will be the same as running the standard “copy+compare”

Application user’s
l  Users who copying critical data (i.e software)- it is strongly suggested if you are copying critical data.
l  Users who use the duplicator frequently, the socket will wear out quickly.
l  Users who use the same source memory card when coping large quantities.

Tips! How to guarantee data copy with 100% accuracy?
(1)   Use Copy + Compare (with Double Source Comparison)
(2)   Test data sample on device, double check if copy process is 100% accurate.

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