Thursday, October 23, 2014

6 Advantages from Event Log Report to Improve Your Duplication Management

-->If you are  still spending a lot of time manually recording serial number on  your copied media….

-->If you have no idea of what yield rate of your duplication task….

-->If you have issues with responsibilities required clarification on duplication work flow…

Learn more about Event Log and understand the benefits it can bring to you…

(1) Directly Export Log Report via USB Port

Able to record 300,000 operation (around a year) without connecting PC, which saves a lot of time from type-in log report manually.

(2) Source Protection Management 
Detailed record how many times source was copied.(to prevent unauthorized copy)

(3) No hand-writing serial number 

Hand writing wastes time easily make mistakes, even typing into PC gets more chance to make error. Log Report handles everything together in one time.

(4) Quickly find out Flash with the same S/N.
Viewing log report via Microsoft Excel, same S/N will be sorted out instantly. No need to look at S/N one by one.

(5)Responsibility Clarification
Production line and QC is able to track error from log report when receive RMA, and determine:
1. whether client use un-related Flash as defective product or not.
2. data was not copied successfully
3. other man-made error.

(6)Database Management
No confusion caused while daisy-chained multiple duplicators.E.g., while export log report from 10 duplicators, report will classified by duplicator ID.


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