Friday, March 7, 2014

What is Secure Erase?

If you keep business, medical, or personal financial information on disks, simple deletion is not enough to protect the data when disposing of the equipment. Besides identity theft,data loss may leave you or your company liable under federal or state laws. How does Secure Erase work?

Secure erase overwrites every single track on the hard drive which includes “bad blocks” based on the ANSI ATA specification that has been approved by NIST 800-88 for secure erase of hard drive up to confidential level. The traditional method is by connecting each hard drive to a computer system to do the tedious task. These old techniques are way too slow and why not use a more reliable method by using U-Reach’s CT & IT HDD Duplicator Series that can help speed up the process in mass secure erase.

CT600G (1-5) HDD Duplicator is expandable up to 59 targets by using “Daisy Chain” as your duplication or secure erase target demand needs.However, IT Series HDD Duplicator is not expandable but you have three models to choose from IT300G (1-3), IT700G (1-7) and IT1500 (1-15).Each drive bay is a cable-less direct module connection to our HDD controller. This ensures
reliability and impeccable efficiency to provide maximum performance without speed degradation. Both platforms support several data erase methods: Quick erase, Full erase, DoD Erase 3 pass and Secure Erase along with the features listed below…

‧Duplication mode: Quick copy, All Partitions and Whole HDD (1:1 bit-for-bit “Compare”
  function with 100% accuracy of data duplication)
‧Support quick copy with MBR, GPT, FAT16/32, NTFS, Mac(HFS, HFS+), Linux
  (EXT2/EXT3/EXT4) formats.
‧Automatic power control to prevent HDD damage during insertion/removal
‧Optional adapters to support various HDDs: SATA/IDE, HDD/mSATA/eSATA/SSD/iVDR.
‧Innovative Guiding Module Design

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