Wednesday, February 20, 2019

U-Reach Data Solutions Inc is ISO9001 Certified!

 It has always been our goal here at U-Reach Data Solutions Inc to get ISO9001:2015 certified on our quality control process. We’re proud to announce that as of February 2019 we have accomplish our goal of ISO certification. This is a testament and great proof of commitment on our dedication to the highest quality here at U-Reach Data Solutions Inc. We are the first duplicator company in North America to receive this high quality approval honor. This great milestone definitely will provide our client and future business partner massive confidence on our quality control process. Our dedicated logistic management and staff team have worked diligently on this certification. Furthermore, huge thanks to all the staff at our team from not just logistic, but also online and sales team’s incredible cooperation on supporting this crucial process. This certification shows not only we have strict and industry leading quality control process, but also outstanding staff members that thoroughly inspect and examine every step along the way. Improve upon feedback has been an important trait of our team, and the constantly improvement has now led us to this new milestone of ISO certification. As always, U-Reach Data Solutions Inc welcome any feedback and suggestions at our

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