Friday, April 10, 2015

The Great Assistant to the AD Player – The USB 3.0 Ultra High Speed Duplicator

The Advertising Displayer (AD Player), compared to Internet advertisements, radio broadcast, newspaper advertisements and TV advertisements, is one of the most efficient ways to obtain customer interest. Nowadays, AD players are very common. Furthermore, Samsung invested in a LED player manufacturer in early 2015 due to the promising future of the AD player.

The more the AD player is promoted, the more opportunities there are to attract potential consumers.

It is common knowledge that “Time is everything” in the media industry. The more the AD is promoted, the more likely it is to attract potential consumers. Advertising agencies have become aware that they spend an inordinate amount of money to guarantee the quality of Internet service for AD broadcasting in order to avoid signal loss. The AD player is an alternative that cuts costs and updates advertisements within the shortest amount of time.
As we all know that “Time is everything” in media industry. The faster the AD is aired out, the more potential consumers will be attracted. Gradually, advertising agencies aware that they spend too much to guarantee the quality of internet in AD broadcasting in case of any signal lose. To keep the cost down, AD player is an alternative scenario once they can update the advertisements within the shortest possible time.

The 3.0 USB drive becomes the memory module in the AD player.

Due to the 3.0 USB drive is used as the core memory module in AD player, so the high speed USB data duplication solution is thirst for. In the recent years, 3.0 USB memory has become much more affordable, making the AD player an excellent channel for advertisement.

Blazing Speed in Real HDD Duplication Tests.

In order to meet the demands of USB duplication in the media industry, U-Reach has announced a new 3.0 USBduplication technology. Test results show that the efficiency of one U-Reach ultra-high speed 3.0 duplicator is equal to eight Quad-Core processing computers. The U-Reach duplicator allows high-volume duplications by utilizing independent channels for data transfers. Each slot achieves a top speed of 2.5 GB/m without any decline. Additional power expandability also contributes to the stability of advertisement duplications. To learn more about 3.0 USB duplicators, please click here for more information.

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