Monday, June 16, 2014

Thank You FOSE 2014 @ Washington, D.C.

Thank You FOSE 2014 @ Washington, D.C. 

This year’s premier event provided the necessary tools for us to meet with many
Government Agencies face-to-face including Federal Government, Military/Defense,
Education and Government Contractors: Intelligence Agencies (DIA, NGA, NSA and NRO).
We gain a lot of valuable information and extensive understanding of the current
security issues related to HDD and USB flash storage. Majority of them prefer the HDD
Destroyer /Shredder machines which provided higher security level of protection to
ensure data breach negligence.

The IT and new MT Series HDD Duplicator/Eraser was the main attraction highlights. A very simple yet affordable HDD Duplicator/Eraser with efficient technique that can be
adopted in government organization at all levels. Rest assured that your IT and new MT
Series HDD Duplicator when performing HDD Erase mode will comply with Department of Defense(DoD 5220.22M) standard.

U-Reach’s proactive and mission-focused approach to security solutions that meet
today’s security challenges along with U-Reach proven capabilities. There has been
a lot of research done on motivation by many of us at U-Reach and we are committed
to maintaining integrity and security of our products with U.S. government agencies
and efforts to comply with NIST/NSA standards. We are starting to branch out more complete security solutions in the coming months.

Most importantly thank you for sharing knowledge
and experiences with us at FOSE.

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