Monday, August 6, 2012

A Sensational Tool to Clone External USB Hard Drives

Introduced by U-Reach in CES 2012, the Intelligent 9 USB Series is a standalone USB flash duplicator that packed sophisticated features into a small footprint (about 40% the size of a tower with the same target count).  Its ability to clone external USB HDDs/SSDs is what we’d like to focus on here, for other features and more details about the Intelligent 9 USB duplicator, please visit

Unlike most USB flash drives, HDDs usually consist of multiple partitions and thus making it more challenging to analyze data stored.  To ensure accurate cloning of USB HDDs, an “external HDD mode” is available and has to be activated on the Intelligent 9 USB duplicator.  Furthermore, external USB HDDs consume more power than USB drives during operations (which is why you might see some external HDDs bundled with dual USB connectors to draw power); therefore, if a job requires copying USB HDDs, the Intelligent 9 USB duplicator can be hooked up with additional power adapters to cope with increased power consumption.  Different from other solutions which provide USB HDDs cloning as an afterthought, the Intelligent 9 USB duplicator is well designed to accommodate extra power connectors at the back of the unit.  Take the 30-port model UB930S for example, two power adapters will be adequate for cloning 29 units of external USB HDDs.

Besides cloning USB HDDs flawlessly, Intelligent 9 USB duplicator also supports a quick-copy mode which skips blank area to speed up copying—incredibly efficient when data occupies only a fraction of a drive with large capacity.  For file formats that cannot be recognized, there is a “whole-drive” cloning as the last resort, which is how HFS+ under Mac OS can be handled as the following enthusiastic customer testified—

I have been running the UB930S day and night for the last two weeks. I have tried one-to-one, one-to-some and one-to-many cloning scenarios for a variety of USB flash drives and the WD My Passport Essential 500GB external hard drive. My application is providing customized class sets of identical drives (images and data) that are refreshed overnight and then reused. I am pleased to announce that the software in the UB930S is easy to use and highly effective for all of the situations that I have tried. I am also pleased that the hardware (including the customized power supply) worked flawlessly. Whenever there was an issue with the source drive, the panel lights and the digital display identified clearly that cloning would not be successful. And whenever there was a problem with one or more of the target drives, both the panel lights and the digital display indicated exactly which drives would not be reliable for cloning. This shows that the UB930S is a sensational tool for cloning both flash drives and hard drives.

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